Work parties: Yes or No?

We all remember the saying “ all work and no play can make Jack a very dull boy.” In large companies it is easy for employees to be so engrossed in their work that they find there is no time for play, or time to relax. While work is the number one priority for any business, making employees feel valued by celebrating personal as well as work achievements can play a big role in improving morale.

Work parties: Yes or No?

A good way of making sure employees feel valued is to create a “no-work” space in the office, such as a breakroom, where employees can meet to have a chat over a cup of coffee, or sit down and have lunch together. A good place to start in creating a breakroom is by sourcing a furniture supplier on websites such as, which reviews online shopping companies for this like different UK business supplies brands.

The breakroom is a good space to host parties and celebrations such as birthdays, engagements, new babies, and any other milestones, be it work or personal. Celebrating these milestones has certain benefits, such as the following:


When you recognise an employee’s birthday or engagement it shows that you are interested in their lives, and can make them feel special and recognised. This in turn boosts their morale and has a positive effect on their productivity. Recognition has been shown to reduce attrition in employees, as they are more likely to remain in their roles when they feel they are noticed and valued.

Team Building:

Having a celebration can give staff a well needed break from their busy work day and allows them to get to know their colleagues better. Building interpersonal relationships among employees is very important, as it can lead to improved connections which could benefit future collaborations on projects for the company.


Celebrations can be just the break needed in a monotonous day. As the day wears on, and work becomes nothing more than a chore, celebrating a milestone can be a welcomed event. It can also help foster better relationships as employees celebrate each other. After a good party, employees feel more recharged and are ready to tackle the rest of their tasks head on.

A celebration at work does not need to be a big event. For a birthday it can be a simple cup of coffee and a cake to be shared amongst the employees. For bigger events such as a work anniversary, employees could go for lunch at a nearby restaurant, or on a fun outing such as a boat ride followed by a drink. A celebration could be held once a week on a Friday afternoon, with all the week’s birthdays being celebrated together, or it could be a monthly event with a larger party with snacks and drinks. However you plan to celebrate, it is clear that parties at work are a good idea and that it can lead to a very happy working environment where employees feel appreciated.