Why people don’t visit your online store website

Putting up a website for an online store is not just enough to begin to make massive sales and accrue profits. No, it’s not especially in today’s world where we have millions of similar websites offering the same products or services even at better rates. In online business, nobody would know you until you make yourself to be known.

Why people don’t visit your online store website

Your website store is lacking visitors because many things are lacking in it too. It’s therefore good that you do the needful by putting your website in the right order and visitors would begin to visit. You should read business seo services reviews on luminablog.com to find the right company that can help you drive traffic to your online store at an affordable price.

Some of the following might be responsible for why you have little or no visitors to your online store.

Your website has poor search engine rankings

If your website store is having low visitors, poor search ranking could be responsible. A quick question is, how easy is it to find your website on search engines? If you are not sure of how easy it is, then the problem is already identified. Poor search engine rankings are responsible for why you’re not getting much traffic on your site.

However, search engines remain one of the best tools for traffic generation, especially for an average website. If this is found to be the cause, getting the services of SEO experts would do you a big good. To improve the numbers of visitors, SEO experts would help make your website store ranks high.

You’re not promoting your website store via social media

Social media can be a great tool for building community. Members of this community are potential visitors and customers of your online store. You can take advantage of social media, promote your website to the people and encourage them to visit your site, and patronize your business. Also, encourage the social media users to share your website link with their social media followers. Alternatively, run a sponsored post on social media by dropping your link and request people to visit your website. That is a way to command traffic to your website store. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the giants of social media. Make use of or all of them.

You don’t have what people want on your online store

One of the things that would discourage people from visiting or revisiting your site is when you don’t have what they want. Perhaps each time they visited they got disappointed for failure to find what they wanted. This would discourage them from visiting again. Rather, they would start trying out alternative sites.

Your website loads too slowly

Truth is, people don’t have time to waste on your site. An average person wants to navigate through different sites as many as possible within a time frame. So don’t expect people to come and waste time on your website that loads slowly when they have other sites to visit. Slow loading may be another reason your website is having a low turn up of visitors. The recommendation is to reassess your website and find out what is responsible for the slow loading and take the necessary moves to solve it.

A bad domain name

A bad domain name is the number one red flag for visitors. It easily puts people off. When your domain name is not friendly and easy to use, spell, memorize and play with, people find it difficult to stay glued to such a website. It’s therefore important to be careful when choosing a domain name. If the domain name of your online store has the already stated attributes, you can either change it (though it involves a lot of tasks) or simply look for an expired domain with good traffic and backlink it to your current website to boost traffic on your online store website.