Top 5 online master’s in data science programs that don’t

BY Meghan MalasJuly 27, 2022, 6:13 PM

Members of the student section wave Fighting Illini orange foam noodles during a Big 10 Conference match-up between the Northwestern University Wildcats and the University of Illinois Fighting Illini, as seen in February 2022, at the State Farm Center in Champaign, Illinois. (Photo by David Allio—Icon Sportswire/Getty Images)

Data science is a burgeoning field, and over the past decade, universities have been developing academic programs to help meet the demand for data-savvy graduates. Online master’s degree programs in data science allow even more prospective students access to skills that can land them a high-paying, rewarding job.

As Fortune reported in May, the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s undergraduate major in data science is the fastest-growing and fourth-largest major on the campus—a key reason why the university decided to launch a master’s degree program in the field later this year. 

Many online master’s in data science programs don’t require applicants to submit GRE scores—a trend that has also been seen in online MBA degree programs. Nixing GRE requirements eliminates a potential barrier to entry for applicants, but it also tasks schools with relying on other metrics and qualifications to determine a student’s readiness for the

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3 Things to Ensure While Creating a Marketing Strategy for a

Authored by Kulwinder Singh- Chief Marketing Officer, SG Analytics

This exciting world is continuously evolving, and so are the methods and strategies that businesses adopt to market their products and services. The use of technology, analytics and insights are the leading forces changing the marketing domain.

As a business owner, one must keep an eye out for cutting-edge marketing techniques to boost its company’s growth and market share.

The emphasis on the marketing department is more than ever in the last few decades. Customer’s consumption behavior is ever fluctuating, necessitating adjustments to marketing tactics to stay on-trend. If you do not engage in aggressive and smart marketing, your rivals will profit and win over prospects and clients. You must keep an eye out for the most recent marketing techniques that are both economical and productive.

A new-age company will be able to outline such strategies as new growth avenues open up, who your real consumers are versus who you thought they were, how to attract more customers, and where to effectively invest future marketing expenditures with an efficient marketing plan in place. But what is a new-age company?

New Age Company

Most new-age companies typically follow creative business strategies built

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IU’s David Ellis ending career for medical reasons

Indiana running back/wide receiver David Ellis is ending his college football career, taking a medical hardship disqualification, a source confirmed to the Herald-Times on Monday evening.

The move cuts into the depth in the Hoosiers’ running back room as they try to replace 2021 starter Stephen Carr and walk-on backups Davion Ervin-Poindexter and Chris Childers.

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The 6-1, 204-pound Ellis helped Chippewa Valley High School in Michigan to a state championship in 2018 and got immediate playing time at IU in 2019 as a wide receiver and kick returner, catching 16 passes for 173 yards, rushing nine times for 53 yards and a touchdown and returning 28 kickoffs for 579 yards. As a sophomore, he moved to running back where he served as a third-down pass-catching option out of the backfield, rushing 16 times for 61 yards and catching 11 passes for 137 yards in 2020. However, he played just three games in 2021 before missing the rest of the season with an ankle injury. He did not heal

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Here’s what advisors are telling their clients as recession

JGI/Jamie Grill | Tetra images | Getty Images

As the U.S. economy shrinks for a second straight quarter — one definition of a recession — many Americans aren’t prepared for an economic downturn.

However, financial advisors say there’s plenty that is in your control.

Fewer than half of Americans feel “financially secure enough” for another recession, according to a survey from digital wealth manager Personal Capital.  

Among those surveyed, the top fears include the inability to plan for the future, trouble paying bills or losing a job, the report found, polling roughly 1,000 cross-generation Americans in May 2022.

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However, the average emergency savings is roughly $7,600, according to the survey, which may be lower than needed. While advisors typically recommend three to six months of living expenses, other experts may suggest more for added flexibility. 

What advisors are telling their clients

If you haven’t evolved and you don’t have a skill set in demand, then irrespective of what’s going on in the economy, you could be in

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Here are the changes you can expect from your local retailer

South Africa’s retailers have only a handful of months to prepare for the next peak trading season which includes the busy shopping time over Black Friday and the festive season.

The country’s retail market is estimated to be worth R1 trillion a year, allowing a slice of the pie for any retail merchant who is agile, fast, bold, and innovative enough to create opportunities that can boost profit margins.

Yet that doesn’t mean that it will be easy to win in the second half of the year, even in a post-Covid environment, according to Steven Heilbron, the chief executive officer of Capital Connect, part of the Connect Group.

Competition is fierce, rising prices and load shedding make for difficult operating conditions, and consumer confidence and discretionary income are under enormous strain.

“Retailers can prosper in these uncertain times and grow their market share, but only if they are innovative and proactive,” said Heilbron. “They need to keep up with rapidly changing consumer needs and tastes by adjusting their product range and channel mix as needed. They also need to be creative about how they diversify revenue streams.”

In the grocery supermarket space, The likes of Woolworths, Checkers, Pick n Pay

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26 Top Influencer Marketing Agencies

In today’s world, social media has become the new social proof. And social media marketing has become an indispensable tool for leveraging products and services. Besides running ad campaigns through social media more companies are looking to influencers to connect brands with customers. Customers today are ever more looking towards influencers to get insights into product reviews, seek knowledge on issues and connect with individuals with whom to share common issues. Essentially an influencer produces compelling content that influences potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media.

With the advent of influencer marketing driven by the advent of social media personalities, brands and businesses are more than ever looking for influencers to help them connect with customers. In today’s global marketplace more and more consumers trust the recommendations made by their favorite influencers. In fact, global influencer marketing is expected to grow to $16.4 billion in 2022, up from $ 13.8 billion in 2021. Influencer marketing agencies are taking advantage of trends by helping facilitate collaborations between brands and influencers to connect audiences with their products and/or services.

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What are Influencer Marketing Agencies?

Influencer marketing

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