Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing Get Slammed for Greenwashing

  • Boohoo is one of several fast fashion brands under investigation for sustainability practices.
  • Critics claim recent efforts, like debuting more environmentally friendly collections, are acts of greenwashing. 
  • ‘The most sustainable thing they can do is just cease operations altogether,’ one critic said.

Fast-fashion brands are attempting to appeal to an increasingly eco-friendly audience, but critics aren’t so sure their methods have the purest intentions.

UK-based fashion brand Pretty Little Thing and its parent company Boohoo are among the latest retailers facing scrutiny on claims they are misleading consumers that they are environmentally friendly, despite their reputations and investigations that say otherwise. 

Boohoo was the latest to draw ire, after the fast-fashion giant announced a “sustainability and style” collaboration with Kourtney Kardashian Barker earlier this month. The 46-piece collection of garments is made from “recycled fibers,” according to a release from Boohoo.

The partnership was met with heavy criticism on social media, Insider’s Maria Noyen reported, as users slammed both Kardashian Barker and Boohoo for greenwashing — or “the act or practice of making (something) appear to be more environmentally friendly or less environmentally damaging than it really is,” as defined by Merriam-Webster.

Several users pointed out

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‘Great Day to Not Be in Jackson’ Amid Water Crisis

  • More than 150,000 people in Jackson — Mississippi’s largest city and capital — went without clean running water for weeks.
  • Speaking in Hattiesburg on Friday, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves said it was “a great day to not be in Jackson.”
  • Jackson lifted its boil-water notice, which had been in place since July, on Thursday.

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves called it “a great day to not be in Jackson” on Friday, referring to the state’s capital, which has been deprived of clean running water for weeks.

Reeves made the remarks while attending a groundbreaking ceremony in Hattiesburg, roughly 90 miles southeast of Jackson, according to local reports. 

“It is a great day to be in Hattiesburg. It’s also, as always, a great day to not be in Jackson,” he said, according to local television station 16 WAPT News. “I feel like I should take off my emergency manager director hat and leave it in the car and take off my public works director hat and leave it in the car.”

Jackson is the state’s largest city, home to more than 150,000 residents, the majority of whom are Black. The city lost access to clean running water after

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5 Rules To Save Thousands (+ scripts to use)

I’m going to show you exactly how to negotiate your rent so you can put a couple thousand dollars — or more — in your pocket this year.

Most people don’t think negotiating their rent can save them much money — or that it’s even possible! But look at the results for two of my students:

“When I went to ask for a rent reduction, the office kept on insisting that I was already paying ‘market rate.’  I let them know that I was serious on leaving if they didn’t give me a lower rate … They agreed to give me a rate of $1,435 which is $150 off my previous rent!  With a 12-month lease, that is a savings of $1800!” – Sharon C.

“My lease renewal was coming up and the rates around where I live were going up at a phenomenal rate too … I wanted to stay at a lower apartment fee or the same. Initially, the leasing office turned down my request. However, when I mentioned that I’d be willing to sign a lease for 12 months — they went ahead and reduced my rent by $200 a month. The year has barely started

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How To Mention Unrelated Work Experience On Your Resume

However, the reason most employers conduct panel interviews isn’t to intimidate you; rather, it’s a time-saving way to meet with people that will likely interact with you in the new job, and gather their impressions all at once.

So, when you stride into a panel or group interview, remember that the team is there to learn about you and your value-add, NOT to interrogate you or make you uncomfortable.

These five tips can help you feel more in control of the process while facing a group of interviewers in a panel interview—with a professional, enthusiastic demeanor that helps win the job.

1. Direct Your Attention To Each Person On The Panel

Upon starting the interview, get each person’s name (ask for their business card or jot down the name), and then look at each person as you introduce yourself. This will help to break the ice and establish a connection with all of your interviewers.

While fielding questions, avoid staring at a single person (nothing makes you look more “frozen” than doing this!). Instead, make it a point to relax, smile, and open your gaze to the others in the room. Even if a single member of the group asks

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Migrants Sent to Martha’s Vineyard Say Woman Named Paid Them

  • Migrants who were flown to Martha’s Vineyard with little information say that they were conned.
  • According to Reuters, some of the migrants aboard the flights said a woman paid them $200 to go.
  • The woman did not give her last name and approached migrants outside a San Antonio shelter.

Some of the migrants who red state governors flew to Martha’s Vineyard for political purposes said that they were duped by a woman who approached them outside of a San Antonio shelter and paid them to board an airplane with no information as to where it was headed.

On Wednesday, 50 undocumented migrants arrived on the island of Martha’s Vineyard after the governors of Florida and Texas sent them to Massachusetts in a highly antagonized move. The Venezuelan and Colombian migrants boarded two planes in San Antonio, which stopped in Florida on their way to the east coast, and which the Florida governor confirmed that his administration paid for and chartered.

Some of the migrants told Reuters that a woman named “Perla” approached them, paid them $200, and helped put them up in a hotel the night before she led them to the chartered flights with promises

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What’s Next in the DOJ’s Trump Investigation Into Mar-a-Lago

  • The DOJ’s probe of the documents that Trump stashed at Mar-a-Lago has entered new legal territory.
  • The department is set to appeal a judge’s decision to allow a special master to review classified documents.
  • As the appeals are heard by higher courts, the case could wind up at the Supreme Court and take a year to conclude.

A Florida judge’s decision to appoint a special master to review documents that former President Donald Trump stashed at Mar-a-Lago may ignite a legal battle that could delay the probe for months and throw it to the Supreme Court, experts told Insider.

On Thursday, Judge Aileen Cannon appointed Raymond Dearie, a 78-year-old former chief judge of the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York, to act as the special master, and denied the department’s request for at least 100 classified documents to be turned directly over to investigators instead of the special master, dealing an early blow to federal prosecutors in their inquiry. 

Last Wednesday, the DOJ appealed Cannon’s initial decision to appoint a special master. 

And at the end of this week, the DOJ elevated its ask to the 11th circuit appeals court and requested

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