Important Aspects of Determined to Grow in Search Engine Marketing

Important Aspects of Determined to Grow in Search Engine Marketing : With a growing market share of 72% and operating with 730+ websites, for foreign businesses, Baidu has become the first choice while recognizing it as Google in the West.

Similar to Google, Baidu is ubiquitous in China and requires you to have a business presence on Baidu. Regardless of SEO or SEM, without using Baidu, your business projects will soon come to a halt.

Simply put, since you consider an optimized web presence with Google pages to be critical to enhancing your business identity, brand awareness, or building authenticity, being on Baidu should be taken seriously enough to reach millions of searchers in China. So, when you intend to expand your market through search engine marketing in China, carefully consider the following points to enjoy steady SEM success on Baidu.

Find the Most Relevant Keywords

It should be noted for any business group, be it large enterprises or SMEs that mainland China’s digital market is truly different in every way. It will not only be surprising but also challenging once you find out that Google doesn’t exist in China. In particular, all social pages popular in the West are banned in China with the implementation of the Firewall of China.

However, although you will find Baidu the largest search engine in China, which has more than 72% digital market share and is most favored by foreign businesses, Baidu’s business policies are very complex, especially for overseas groups. That’s why; Your priority is to work with a Chinese digital marketing agency that will help you in every way.

Since finding productive keywords is the first key to unlock Baidu SEM successfully, the agency you hire will evaluate the nature of your business, product/service, target audience and together carry out the necessary research activities of your rival group and therefore get results maximum relevant and useful keywords to get a better position in SEM ads.

Go With Baidu Shangqiao

Baidu Shangqiao has been wonderfully designed for Baidu SEM users to enjoy a variety of advantages including online social gaming, posting microblogging, listening to music, having forum graphics, watching movies, as well as a search engine shopping experience which naturally increases traffic to any PPC. advertising page. .

Apart from being the most preferred QQ chat tool, Baidu Shangqiao is equipped with tools that help users enjoy real-time customer assistance, create inquiries, share their product experiences, and more.

With more customer engagement, your business achieves a high CRT rate which helps increase quality scores and get fewer bids with superior positioning on ad pages. The user-friendly free service from Shangqiao does a great job of improving the user experience that Baidu relies on.

Use Forums, Interview Sessions

Given that the Chinese community spends more time each day on forums reviewing more than people in the west, a business presence through forums should be your primary concern. Practically people in China trust the comments submitted by their like-minded social circle as well as other consumers before making a purchase decision.

Therefore, you should do your best to maintain the reputation of your business on the forums by encouraging users to promote comments as well as incentivizing them in various ways to post their reviews.

Similarly, consider holding an interview (Q/A) session which is a smart, persuasive and effective way to gain customer trust.

Starting an online program and producing it via video/audio while focusing on your product features get answers from users as your questions directly, making people feel confident about your trustworthiness, product quality and after-sales service. Engagement is Baidu’s main concern when positioning your business advertisement in search engine marketing in China.