Missouri Career Center offers free career certification

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – It seems like every industry is looking for help, but some jobs require specific training and certifications.

Job-seekers can participate in a certification program for an environmentally friendly career.

Green for Greene is a free five-week program that helps job seekers get certified to work in various “green” jobs. There are 13 different certification programs that you can participate in that offer hands-on training to prepare students for employment. Some of the certification programs include mold abatement, lead renovation and repair, and environmental sampling and monitoring.

“There’s a wide range of jobs that are available to someone once they complete the training,” said Missouri Career Center Spokesperson Katherine Trombetta. “You can get jobs in construction and manufacturing, even some healthcare-type jobs, because we do offer CPR and blood-borne pathogen certifications through this training.”

A grant by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency funds the program. The three-year grant provides cohorts of 28-32 students each year to participate in the program. At the end of the training, students connect with potential employers.

“It’s a mixture of classroom learning and hands-on training,” said Trombetta. “So they will actually get to practice what they’re going to be doing out in the field once they get a job, you know, along with classroom instruction from service providers here in town.”

This program started in 2017 and has led many graduates into successful careers. Once the program accepts the student, they can expect to get the experience they need to be career-ready.

“We’ve had individuals complete this training, and the average starting wage is right now about $18 an hour,” said Trombetta. “So these jobs are very high paying. We have had people complete this coursework and go on to support themselves and their families, be able to buy homes, and really improve their quality of life.”

Applications for the program are now open. The application deadline is July 29, and classes will begin on August 15. CLICK HERE for more information on the Green for Greene program and a link to the application.

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