Jimmie Johnson earns career-best IndyCar finish after hard

NEWTON, Iowa – Jimmie Johnson has grown accustomed to having “given way” to his teammates but declined to yield Sunday en route to a career-best IndyCar finish – even with a championship at stake.

After battling with Marcus Ericsson tooth and nail for more than 50 laps around Iowa Speedway, Johnson finally nosed ahead of his Chip Ganassi Racing teammate – and the IndyCar points leader – for fifth place.

Though it was “a really special day” for the seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion, Johnson said he was motivated to earn his first top five because he felt he should have passed another teammate earlier on the way to a breakthrough podium finish.

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“I’ve raced my teammates with the most respect that I possibly can,” Johnson told NBC Sports. “Every race I’ve been in, I’ve just given way, and that was really the first time I fought for position, and it was because I felt like I should have been up there passing (Scott Dixon, who finished fourth). I made a mistake and got up in the marbles, and I really felt a podium was in our reach, but today, I had

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Drew Brees hints at next career move: Longtime Saints QB

Drew Brees will be headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in no time. But he might be headed to Hollywood before then. Months after acknowledging his uncertain future, the retired longtime Saints quarterback spoke with CBS Sports this week, exclusively revealing that he could soon return to the field … for the movies.

After a year as an NFL analyst for NBC Sports, the 43-year-old Brees is starring alongside his three boys in a new ad for Great Clips, promoting the salon’s back-to-school campaign. Asked recently if he’s more likely to take another NFL snap or fully pivot to an acting career, the 13-time Pro Bowler floated an alternative.

“Well I don’t think I’ll be taking a — well, how about this? How about I take a snap under center, but in a movie?” Brees said. “How about that? Then I can accomplish both.”

Asked if a movie is already in the works, the former Super Bowl champion didn’t deny the possibility.

“I don’t know,” he said with a smile. “I don’t know. Maybe so. We’ll see. It’s a teaser here.”

Brees’ comments come less than a year after Rams legend Kurt Warner took his NFL story

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Why these workers left jobs like Google

Sandy Anuras, the chief technology officer of Sunrun.

Photo courtesy Sandy Anuras, the chief technology officer of Sunrun

Tech workers are walking away from high-paying jobs with great perks to help fight what they believe is the greatest existential problem of our lifetimes: climate change.

In some cases, that has meant taking a pay cut. But Sandy Anuras, who recently joined home solar provider Sunrun as its chief technology officer, says a big paycheck sometimes comes with a price.

“The tech giants have had these huge compensation packages. And it’s hard to say no to a huge compensation package,” Anuras told CNBC. “You just realize there’s a little bit more to life than maxing out your comp package. And I think people are realizing that now — and especially with some of the decisions that their companies have made to prioritize profits over democracy, for example.”

Before starting at Sunrun in March, Anuras worked at Expedia for almost three years. She believes traveling is good for society, as people who travel often experience an expanded perspective and greater compassion toward strangers. But helping people book travel efficiently did not give Anuras the internal satisfaction she had when she worked at

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IU’s David Ellis ending career for medical reasons

Indiana running back/wide receiver David Ellis is ending his college football career, taking a medical hardship disqualification, a source confirmed to the Herald-Times on Monday evening.

The move cuts into the depth in the Hoosiers’ running back room as they try to replace 2021 starter Stephen Carr and walk-on backups Davion Ervin-Poindexter and Chris Childers.

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The 6-1, 204-pound Ellis helped Chippewa Valley High School in Michigan to a state championship in 2018 and got immediate playing time at IU in 2019 as a wide receiver and kick returner, catching 16 passes for 173 yards, rushing nine times for 53 yards and a touchdown and returning 28 kickoffs for 579 yards. As a sophomore, he moved to running back where he served as a third-down pass-catching option out of the backfield, rushing 16 times for 61 yards and catching 11 passes for 137 yards in 2020. However, he played just three games in 2021 before missing the rest of the season with an ankle injury. He did not heal

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Allyson Felix’s ‘comeback’ at the World Athletics

A bitter taste was the feeling many track and field fans felt last week when it seemed that the remarkable Allyson Felix would have her final professional track race result in a tame third-place finish.

The bronze medal won by the U.S. in the mixed 4×400-meter relay on the opening evening of the first World Athletics Championships on U.S. soil disappointed those at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon, hoping to see Felix win one last global title.

It wasn’t a major letdown for the 36-year-old, who is ready to retire after almost two decades of an elite but exhausting running career. And as someone not keen on having an extended athletic career into her 40s like tennis great Serena Williams, golf legend Tiger Woods and famed NFL quarterback Tom Brady, Felix firmly stated several times that this was it for her on the track.

“This is the last one, I feel a lot of gratitude, a lot of love tonight and it is a special night, I won’t forget it,” she told Track and Field Black History reporter Anderson Emerole. “I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to this one [world championships]. But I’m very happy that

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32-year-old Goldman Sachs VP allegedly risked career for

If you were a vice president in an investment bank with a brilliant career on the buy-side ahead of you, would you risk everything for a fraction of your annual salary?  Brijesh Goel says his name has been unfairly tarred, but the SEC is accusing him of insider trading. 

Goel, who is now aged 37, worked for Goldman Sachs between the ages of 28 and 36. He wound up as a VP, a role that pays a salary alone in New York of up to $275k according to H1B visa data. Last year, Goel moved to Apollo Global Management as a principal in structured finance, and is likely to have earned more still – Apollo paid its first year associates $550k in 2021. 

Today, however, Goel is on indefinite leave from Apollo pending an investigation into the insider trading accusations. The SEC claims that for two years he passed information about potential mergers to an old friend who was a trader at Barclays Capital, that the friend traded on this information, and that they split their winnings. The winnings were diminutive: the two men made $292k in total, and that was mostly from a single trade; others netted them nothing

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